Another Fall season has  recently closed  and we are getting preparing  for Winter because we know it is coming. I have lived in Iowa my whole life and so I know what is coming, but I have grown to love this change in seasons that we have. I look forward to the change that is inevitable and I even am looking forward to our first snow. But I know that I need to be ready for the change and Fall is our month of beauty and transition to Winter. Not very long ago I was looking out my window to the back yard and the trees were beautifully colorful and still full, but now they are mostly bare and dried up leaves are everywhere on the ground. We are entering a new season.

I would say that we are also entering a new season at Side by Side and with it will come change and a new beauty also. We have been walking through a time of growth and the shift is now upon us.  That shift has come because of God’s purpose in it and also because we all had to decide that we were in need of change and growth. The next step for us was that we had to choose to do it!  We can decide to grow and even start to take steps and work at it, but most days we just have to get up and DO what we are learning to do and trust God in it.  I believe that anyone can do this and that there is hope for each person to grow personally and it will effect every other area of our lives.

This time of change at Side by Side has many sides to it because it will change everything over time. One really big one for us right now is that we are having times of Worship and Intercession every day in our chapel at The Living Center. At 10:10 AM every day we open with praise and then we declare the Word of God out loud and then pray and intercede as the Spirit of God leads us. This is a time for our staff to gather and lift up the name of Jesus and pray.  You are always welcome and we are “a house of prayer” and always have been since the day we opened in 2001.  If you have requests that you would like for us to pray about, please call or email us and let us know and you are always welcome in our doors.

We see beautiful “new horizons” in our prayer ministry and God is doing a new thing. There are many sides of our ministry that are very intentional about prayer and we want God’s will for each person and how He brings them to us. Jesus paid a high price for our salvation and abundant life. We want to live in His abundance and help others to experience that also.  So we pray for and with others…