We are being taken from where we are, to where we want and need to be!  Winter is over and the dark, cold days that labored on and on, are gone for now.  We have lived long enough to know that nothing lasts forever, right? Can we see though, that it had a purpose for us for good?  Whether it was the weather or a season of life that seemed so hard that you thought you wouldn’t make it through.  We rejoice that warmer and sweeter days are here!  Can you see that where you have been has been a benefit in some way?  Were there good lessons along the way?  Are you stronger and smarter – in ways that really needed to happen – more mature and enlightened so that you can move on to what is next for you?

This is really a spiritual process that God works in our heart and life, when we trust Christ – the One who brings new life!  Isn’t that what Spring is all about?  It represents the miracle of rebirth and renewal that we so need and yearn for as we have grown through the cold, long days of winter.  Do you believe that this process couldn’t take place without our Heavenly Father making a way to rescue us and bring us to life?  Not just life as we know it now, but LIFE that is eternal and abundant!  Life that wakes us up spiritually and gives us a new perspective that is divine.  Yes, He said that “the old is gone, and the new has come” in the scriptures.  Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No man comes to the Father, except through Me.”

Coming to the Father represents an intimate relationship with our loving heavenly Father.  He said He will never leave us alone.  Never.  Spring is here and we are watching the earth be reborn and we can choose to believe that it is true for us!  Believe and receive, so you can be where you truly want and need to be!  Jesus made the way and we can rest in His work alone and stop striving to be someone we can never be without Him.

Father, thank You for Spring and for the miracle of rebirth and renewal that comes through a personal relationship with You through Jesus Christ.  Thank You that you also move us closer and transform us more each year, each season.  May it be so.  Amen. 

I want to say that this season has brought me to a new place and it is effecting my work and my relationships.  I know that I have needed a personal revival that God is using to show me that I have put other interests ahead of Him.  In fact, those things have been there for so long and I didn’t see them, and in some cases, wasn’t willing to take the steps to change and die to my own desires.  Desires that had taken me captive and were hurting my relationship with Jesus and with others.  This winter has been long and yet it has been so worth it!  I am so thankful that through the perseverance  and the steps that God showed me, my character has been transformed again.  I am experiencing  personal revival and I am praying for revival to spark and spread, like brush fire!