A Story of Mercy

The year was around 1992. I was in my early 20’s and had a great job at a very nice business close to my home. I was growing in responsibilities and gaining the trust of my employer. When I had started there the summer previous, I was responsible for menial chores. I cleaned bathrooms and swept the floors and other similar tasks. As I showed promise and trustworthiness I started to gain more and more responsibilities and moved up in position. Eventually, I was closing the cash registers and handling a lot of the money that came into the business.

But I was young and acted foolishly. There were times when I took money out of the back office safe. They kept a very large surplus of cash in there. I thought to myself, “Whose gonna miss a bit here and there?” Well, scripture doesn’t lie. Numbers 32:23 says “…and you may be sure that your sin will find you out.” It sure did. I was fired immediately.

Here’s where God’s mercy comes in to play in my story. An experience that should have put me in jail, it didn’t go to that extreme. Instead of something that could have hurt me and my future family for years, I was able to work with them on repayment to reconcile what was taken. God was merciful and allowed me to learn heavily from my sin, experience the consequence, but showed mercy as I was a foolish young boy. Through that situation, and our Father’s generous mercy, I learned many valuable life lessons that have shaped me into the man I am today.

Can you look back at times in your life and seen where God has shown you mercy? Can you see how those times have grown you and been a blessing in your life? I challenge you to show others the same mercy that our Savior has shown you. To be a blessing in their lives the way our Father has been to you.